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End Year

The 2016-2017 Scouting term has come to a close. Over the term, we celebrated our 100th and 101st Eagles Scouts. Congratulations to Sebastian Schreiber-Pan and Grant Zopp. Advancement has been slow but steady for most Scouts, and 2 more Eagle projects are approved and scheduled.

We capped of the term at Ockanickon Scout Reservation with 76 blue cards approved, 74 completed and only 2 partials. Two Scouts signed up for and completed the, "Iron Man Challenge," at camp, congrats to Tommy Hinson and Aidan Galloway. This consisted of a 5k, 1/2 mile swim, and a trip up the wall in under 60 seconds. The Troop also pulled off a win in the camp-wide volleyball tournament. Congratulations to all those on the team both on the court and off for support, as well as Mr. Morrison for some very valuable coaching. Practice and hard work pays off.

Congratulations are also in order for Dylan Middlestadt and Nicholas Sheats for leading the Troop this past year. Both worked very hard to provide a meaningful program for their peers, and both I'm sure would agree that it's not easy. Thank you both for a successful job, well done.

Thanks to all those adults who put on a uniform for the boys, whether for one trip or all, you are all essential to the Troop's success, and a tremendous help to me personally. Thanks to everyone on the Committee headed by Maribeth, without you all, the Troop does not march. A special thanks to the Sheats family and all those who worked tirelessly to make the Strawberry Festival a huge success.

Two more "Thanks," of special note, the first to Payton for his hard work on the Troop's new website. If you haven't seen it, see the link below. And finally, a huge thank you to Mr. Scarbrough and Mr. Hinson for their continued support as Eagle Scout Coordinators. If you gotten to the point in your scouting career that you are making a run at Eagle, you know how hard it is to navigate the process. I'm sure you'd agree that their help and support along the way is tremendous.

I am looking forward to the 2017-2018 term, let's make it our best ever.

Thank you

Steve Gallatin